Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Drug and Alcohol Dependency Programs

dependencyAddiction can take a toll not only on your physical and mental well being but also your family and career.  Renewed Health & Wellness offers a variety of treatments to help patients establish healthier routines to support on-going sobriety.

Alcohol addiction can sneak up on you and it may not be real easy to recognize from the beginning.  Those who are addicted to alcohol will continue to drink despite the known consequences that result from their drinking and they may suffer dire consequences within their family relationships, career, legal record and financial security.  The first step to healing from any addiction is to understand what it is and what causes it.  At Renewed Health & Wellness we offer individualized treatment options to help restore the bodies natural balance and put you on the path to recovery.  Alcohol addiction is very serious and withdrawal symptoms are very real and can cause serious health issues.  It is the best to have medical supervision while your body detoxes from alcohol.  Alcohol addiction does not discriminate and can occur at any level of society.  We treat all patients with respect and will not judge you.  We are here to help our patients achieve optimal wellness and a better quality of life.

Opiate dependency is a very serious and prevalent problem in our society.  It can be devastating to the families that are faced with the challenges associated with this kind of addiction.  Prolonged use of opiates can lead to nerve damage that causes brain cells to stop producing the body’s natural painkillers known as endorphins. Renewed Health & Wellness offers a very strict replacement therapy program that will help reduce withdrawal symptoms and ensure that detox runs smoothly.  At Renewed Health & Wellness we will do all we can to help you and your family overcome any obstacle that may be in your path on the road to wellness.

For some, the use of prescription medications, whether prescribed for a legitimate purpose or used recreationally, can lead to addiction.  Any time a drug, any drug, is used for a prolonged period of time there is a risk of tolerance building.  Prescription addiction is a dangerous and potentially deadly disease that can lead to dire consequences but there is help.  Individualized treatment programs give you a greater chance of making a full and lasting recovery from this dangerous condition.

It is important to address all of the underlying issues associated with addiction so that there is enduring positive changes in our lives. Renewed Health & Wellness is committed to improving the quality of life in every patient in Northern Nevada and our surrounding communities.