Deborah Grinager L.A.D.C

Deborah Grinager  M.A., L.A.D.C.


Deborah was born in Providence, RI and raised in Wilmington, VT.  She moved to the west coast when she was 18 and has lived in San Fransisco, Honolulu, and Reno.  She received her bachelors degree in 2003 and majored in Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno with emphasis in behavior analysis. She worked with children and adults with autism throughout her undergraduate education.  Her minor was in Counseling and Addiction Services.  Deborah received her Masters Degree in Criminal Justice at UNR in 2010 and has been an alcohol and drug counselor since she graduated.  She decided to make a career of substance abuse counseling because she feels that addiction is a disease that can respond to treatment, which is what we believe at Renewed Health & Wellness as well. This is why Deborah has been such a valuable addition to our team and has added so much to our vision of helping the patient achieve optimal wellness no matter what challenge they are trying to overcome.  Deborah loves to help those that suffering from the disease of addiction and to watch people grow as recovery begins. Although the disease is not curable, with willingness to get help and learn new life skills, it is and can be manageable.


Deborah uses the Rogerian Theory, also known as Person Centered Counseling.  With this type of counseling, the therapist is seen as a human being and must have empathy, be real and genuine, and provide unconditional positive regard, making it a relief for patients to talk about their problems without being judged or criticized. The goal is to allow clients to better cope with current and future issues by making potential choices for themselves.  It is a non-judgmental form of therapy, wherein both patient and therapist are human first.


Deborah lives in Reno with her 4 dogs.  She loves all animals and is active in the protection of abused pets in the Truckee Meadows.  In her free time she enjoys watching movies, reading and going to the gym.

If you or a family member are suffering from the disease of addiction and want some help, please know that we are only a phone call away. We know that this disease can tear the individual and families apart and with Deborah and the team at Renewed Health & Wellness we can begin to help you put back the pieces and start living a healthy lifestyle.